Solder Paste for Formic Acid Vacuum Reflow Process

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E10 Series

SAC305 / High Melting Temp. / High Reliability / LeadedHF type3

Formic acid reflow can make a difference

Are you using solder preform for power device joinig? Co-developed with Origin Electric, E10 series is now applicable for joining a bare chip as a solder paste. Choosing E10 series will give flexibility in product design and improves work efficiency and process drastically.
*Contact us for other powder sizes and/or types of container.

Extremely low residue, super low void

Formic acid reaches deep into solder deposit during reflow process,
and facilitates oxidation-reduction reaction.
As E10 series leaves almost no flux residue after soldering,
you can avoid the concern over resin molding and additional reflowing afterwards.

Drastically reduces production costs

E10 series may reduce the material cost from preform by 50%.
Also, E10 series makes possible elimination of jigs, increased mounting efficiency,
and shorter takt time in the soldering process,
thus bringing down the production cost by a large margin.

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