Basic stance and policy

Creation, challenge, harmony

  • 1.Koki shall create values based on human dignity
  • 2.Koki shall keep challenging to achieve technical innovation
  • 3.Koki shall seek harmony among users and employees, and contribute to social development

Basic policy

With a notion that the existence of customers is necessary in order for an enterprise to achieve persistent growth, we Koki adhere to “customers first” philosophy and try to improve customers' satisfaction. To do so, Koki shall strive to innovate, take challenges, and seek harmony not only with employees, but also with customers and the society overall.

Koki as a group of soldering professionals shall provide leading technologies, excellent product quality, and value added services to bring progress in the electric and electronic industry worldwide.

CSR policy

Koki respects human rights under our rule which is upholding the responsibility expressed in the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC). Koki commits the maintaining policies and procedures to prevent the use of child or forced labor.

Human rights and labor

1.Prohibition of enforced labor
We hire employees at their free will, and will not force the employees into compulsory labor.
2.Prohibition of inhumane treatment
We respect Human rights of the employees, and prohibit any sort of brutal and inhumane treatments such as abuse and harassments.
3.Prohibition of child labor
We do not hire children under minimum age for employment, and avoid such tasks that hinder the children from sound development
4.Prohibition of discrimination
We strive to eliminate discrimination at recruiting and employment, and to realize equality of opportunities and treatment.
5.Adequate wage
We pay employees at least minimum wage, and will not unreasonably deduct from their wage.
6.Work hours
We pay employees at least minimum wage, and will not unreasonably deduct from their wage.
7.Employees' right to organize
We respect right of employees to organize as a means to realize labor-management discussions on work environment, wage level, and such.

Health and safety

1.Safety measures of machinery
We take adequate safety measures for the machinery to be used within the company.
2.Workplace safety
We evaluate the risk regarding workplace safely, and secure safety by way of adequate design and technical and maintenance method.
3.Sanitary of work place
We grasp the status of hazardous biological and chemical substances, noise and odor at work place, and take adequate measures.
4.Workplace injuries and illness
We grasp workplace injuries and illness, and take adequate measures.
5.Emergency procedures
We prepare emergency procedures for possible disasters and accidents to secure safety, and have people at workplace aware of the procedures.
6.Arrangement of physically demanding tasks
We designate physically demanding tasks, and manage them so they will not lead to accidents or illness.
7.Health and safety of facilities
We secure health and safety of the facilities such as dorms, cafeteria, and rest rooms provided for employees'living.
8.Health management of employees
We provide adequate health management to all employees.


Basic stance toward environmental protection

We Koki acknowledge that it is one of the most important objectives for humans to protect the earth. We work on reducing environmental burdens and contribute to realizing the society with sustainable development.

Basic policy

We, Koki Company Limited, reasonably assess the effect that our business activities pertaining to electronic materials have on the global environment. We set one of the most important objectives as developing eco-friendly technologies and products, and make it basic policies that our business activities coexist with activities for environmental protection.
We shall continuously improve environment management system to become a company widely trusted by the community.

  • We respect laws and regulations, customer requirements, and other requirements to protect environment.
  • Wherever possible, we promote reducing the use of resources, waste, and environmentally burdening chemical substances, reusing, and saving energy, along with efforts to prevent pollution to sustain and improve the environment.
  • Understand chemical substances contained in the products and used in production process, recognize their environmental impacts and properly publish their information.
  • We set prevention of global warming and handing down the best attainable environment to the future generation as our goals, we shall reduce emission of CO2 through business activities.
  • We set environmental goals and objectives, build a system for review, and promote environmental management by all employees.
  • We raise awareness within the company so that all the employees shall act in accordance with this environmental policy through training and education run by a task force.
1. Management of chemical substances in the product
We manage all chemical substances controlled by relevant laws and regulations pertaining to all products.
2. Management of chemical substances used during production process
We manage chemical substances designated by the local laws and regulations that are used during production process.
3. Environment management system
We establish and operate environment management system.
4. Minimization of effect to the environment (drainage water, polluted mud, exhaust air, etc.)
We respect local laws and regulations regarding drainage water, polluted mud, and exhaust air, and set our own rules for further improvements, when required.
5. Environmental permit / Administrative approval
In accordance with the local laws and regulations, we seek and obtain administrative approvals when required, and submit due reports to the administration.
6. Effective utilization of resource and energy (3R)
We set our own goals to realize resource and energy savings, and work on continually effective utilization of resource and energy.
7. Reduction in emission of greenhouse gas
We set our own goals to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas discharge, and work continually for reduction.
8. Reduction of waste
We set our own goals to reduce the amount of final waste, and work continually for reduction.
9. Disclosure of environmental effort
Outcome of the environmental effort shall be disclosed as required.

Protection of biodiversity

1. Approaching biodiversity
Today, biodiversity has been dwindling due to environmental destruction and social activities. In 1992 in Brazil, Convention of Biological Diversity was adopted at UN Conference on Environment and Development. The importance of biodiversity was also focused at the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10). We as Koki group support the movement by doing biodiversity-friendly business and trying to lower the impact on the diversity.
2. Contribution to disseminating biodiversity
We support activities of long-term investigation and saving the earth by making donations to WWF Japan, to pass the blue planet on to the future generations to come.

Fair trade and ethics

1. Prohibition of corrupt act and bribery
We maintain sound relationship with politics and government, and do not offer bribe or illegal political donation.
2. Prohibition of abuse of dominant bargaining position
We do not abuse dominant bargaining position that may bring the supplier detriments.
3. Prohibition of provision and acceptance of inadequate profit
We do not provide or accept inadequate profit with / from the stakeholders.
4. Prohibition of restricting competition
We do not obstruct fair, transparent, and open competition.
5. Provision of accurate information on products and services
We provide accurate information on products and services to consumers and clients.
6. Respect for intellectual properties
We do not infringe intellectual properties of others.
7. Adequate management of export
We build definitive management system to handle exporting procedures of technologies and products that are regulated by laws and regulations.
8. Information disclosure
Regardless of whether disclosure is required by laws or/and regulations, we provide and disclose information to stakeholders in a proactive manner.
9. Prevention and prompt recognition of misconduct
We act to prevent, and build a system to recognize misconduct at an early stage.

Quality and safely

1. Securing product safely
When we design products on our own, we make sure the product meets the safety standard of relevant laws and regulations.
2. Quality management system
We build and utilize quality management system.

Social contribution

Social contribution

  • 1. UNICEF
  • 2. Japan Red Cross
  • 3. Doctors without Borders Japan
  • 4. WWF Japan
  • 5. The Traffic Safety Association of Higashimatsuyama
  • 6. Community Chest of Saitama

Contribution to the local community

Contribution to community event

Donated to the local resident association for the annual festival

Clean-up activity

Cleaned up the neighboring area of the headquarters, which raised our awareness for the environment beautification.

Cleaning landscape


Business Continuity Plan

We shall contain damages to the least in case of emergency, swiftly restore to the normal state, and continue business activities by setting up and operating business continuity plan.

Rejection of conflict metal

KOKI as an organization, including factories is Japan and overseas, exclusively purchase the raw materials from such corporations and other business groups that adopt the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and assess their trade in accordance with the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process.

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