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  • High Electrical Reliability Tack flux with 9 months Shelf Life

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High Electrical Reliability Tack flux with 9 months Shelf Life

KOKI Company Limited (Tokyo, Japan) is launching a new tack flux, TF-M881R for BGA / CSP 
components applications with a long shelf life of 9 months.

A newly developed tack flux TF-M881R is categorized as halogen-free according to JEITA ET-7304A, and
ROL0 by IPC J-STD-004B. Though halogen-free, TF-M881R has over 72 hours of tack time in addition to
excellent heat resistivity and meltability. As tack flux in general is consumed in relatively small amounts
over a long period of time, the shelf life of TF-M881R lasting for nine months due to its superior storage
properties is an advantage. It also exhibits stable and consistent dispensing which ensures high electrical reliability and excellent workability.

Stable dispensing shape and high viscosity of the tacky flux holds the components securely
Dispense shape of TF-M881R is stable and consistent even after 5,000 dispensing shots. The product
maintains its high tackiness over 72 hours and helps secure the BGA and CSP components.

Retains high electrical reliability whilst being halogen-free
Being compliant to JEITA ET-7304A, halogen-free tacky flux TF-M881R still retains high thermal
resistance and ensures good melting properties unlike other conventional halogen-free counterparts.
In addition, the product is reliable with high surface insulation resistance, making it suitable for use in
fine pitch applications.

Shelf life lasting for 9 months
Storage property, viscosity, and wettability of TF-M881R are very stable so that the shelf life of the
product lasts for nine months. It provides excellent cost performance and work efficiency during the
assembly and repair processes.

Check out the product page for more details.

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