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New High Reliability Solder Alloy Solder Paste now available.

KOKI Company Limited announces the release of a newly developed complete halogen free, high reliability solder paste SB6N58-HF350, intended for such applications as automotive, transportation, and other heavy-load usage.


What is required for a solder paste meant for use in severe environments is an ability to withstand extensive temperature change and to ensure the proper functioning of a device or the overall machine for a long period of time. KOKI has adopted two types of high reliability solder alloy in its solder paste lineup, which have been well-received and approved by many.


In line with a recent trend to eliminate halogen usage, KOKI has developed a new, halogen-free high reliability solder paste SB6N58-HF350. With no intentional addition of halogen substances, it is categorized as ROL0 according to IPC J-STD-004B. Although it is complete halogen free, it retains the same level of joint reliability, viscosity stability, and meltability as the conventional halogen-containing solder paste of the same alloy.

Check out the product page for more details.

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