Halogen-free Tack Flux for BGA/CSP Applications


Tack time over 72 hours,
Shelf-life of 9 months

High viscosity with consistent deposit
shape holds components securely

Dispense shape of TF-M881R is stable and consistenteven during continuous dispensing.
It maintains its high tackiness over 72 hours which helps secure the BGA and CSP components.

[ Continuous Dispense Test ]
Dispensing pressure: 0.20MPa Dispense speed: 0.3s/dot
Needle diameter: 0.61mm Ambient temp.: 25ºC

Halogen-free tack flux with high
surface insulation resistance

In compliance with JEITA ET-7304A, halogen-free tack flux TF-M881R retains high thermal resistance and ensures good melting properties unlike conventional halogen-free counterparts.
In addition, the product is reliable with high surface insulation resistance, making it suitable for use in fine pitch applications.

[ Surface Insulation Resistance ]
Bias voltage: 12.5V Measurement voltage: 12.5V
Test standard: IPC-TM-650

Shelf-life lasting for 9 months

Storage property, viscosity, and wettability of TF-M881R are very stable so that the shelf life of the product lasts for nine months. The product provides excellent cost performance and work efficiency.

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Tack Flux
Method of Application
State / Color
Brownish yellow
Halide content(%)
25 ± 10
Flux Type

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